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How to get reviews .....

Like any author I am more than keen to get and read reviews.   At this time my book has just 14 reviews on Amazon - nearly all 5 stars with pleny of positive comments.  Apparently to get any sort of ranking on Amazon I need at least 50 reviews.  The question is - how is an unknown author get more?


Amazon is out of stock of Charlie K.  Good news in that orders have been coming in, but annoying that Amazon doesn't reorder before this happens. The Publisher has stock for immediate delivery to retailers.  Troubador's online bookshop will supply at higher price than Amazon.

Net Galley Review of Charlie K

I really could not ask for a better review. The NG review appears on Goodreads and Amazon:

This poignant novel is moving, intimate and wise. The author writes with great perception and integrity of a young man in the 1960s, his life evolving in a world still dominated by race, class and colour. Charlie's story is carefully structured with remarkable emotional depth. I can't remember ever reading a more authentic character. I celebrated at his joys and wept at his sorrows, and didn't want the book to ever end.
The backdrop of Papua New Guinea is compelling and evocative, painted on an unforgettable literary canvas. A marvelous feat of storytelling.


! 請看我的書

In case you are wondering what the title of this post says, it says 'Please read my book' !  Curious,you may think. when my book is written in English.  I was prompted to post this as Google Analytics have just told me that my website recieives more hits from China than any other country.   Maybe 'Charlie K' needs translating!

Listen Up!

Charlie K is now available on Audible, Google Play, Amazon,Spotify and Kobo.   Any time now on Apple ......


TV ?

Others having suggested it, the latest bee in my bonnet is that 'The Evolution of Charlie K' could be the basis for a TV series.  Have mapped out six episodes.  Just need get a scriptwriter interested!  I see Lee Child is doing the same for the Reacher books. He doesn't have to find an audience having already sold 100m books!

Meanwhile I've approved the audio files to go forward to Audible, Google Play etc.  Hopefully should go live in the next few weeks. I now have to find how to get people clicking to listen to Charlie K's adventures ......

Audible version

Have now sent a response to the draft audio files for correction to publisher.  Quite a time consuming business needing to precisely show time on file where each correction is needed. And there were a lot of them.  Mr Abinieri has a very engaging voice which works well but I had to take issue with prounciation of some names.

Once present on Audible I've got to work out a marketing strategy on Social Media.  Any advice welcome!   Today Google Analytics tells me I had ten new users logging on to this site.  Just hoping this can translate into some sales which at the moment are disappointing although reviews have all been encouraging.

Everybody is telling me my book would make a good TV series.   Watch this space!

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