Tribulations of a newbie author Part 2

Getting nowhere fast at the moment. I felt I needed to get some reviews on Amazon - hopefully positive - to encourage punters to buy, read and review the adventures of Charlie K.  I succumbed to the offers from the 'OnlineBook Club' to review the book and post a positive review on Amazon, in exchange for money of course. I eventually received a review of a full 4*.  The review was laughable, although complimentary, obviously by someone with little understanding of the book, or for that matter, the world outside USA. The review recommended it to readers interested in the history of Africa!! The book never mentions Africa, the action taking place in Papua New Guinea.  The book even includes a map showing PNG just north of Australia!  I am now plagued by emails trying to sell me adverts on their site.   The owner of the OnlineBook Club doubtless makes a nice living from it.

So, onward and upward. I'm now signed up to Instagram and shall continue to struggle with Facebook to increase my number of followers. A gleam in the eye is an Audible version.  I am listening to recommended voice actors before deciding.  Watch this space.